furniture from rattan

Wicker furniture from rattan.

Wicker furniture from rattan is an embodiment of beauty, elegance and comfort. It is original, eco-friendly and very popular furniture. During long time wicker furniture used only outside. But after some time chairs, tables from rattan moved forward. Today it is possible to see them not only in the garden of houses, but also in cafe, restaurants and even hotels.
The rattan is liana of family palm. It possesses flexibility, wear resistance, durability. Furniture from rattan are extremely durable. Buying such furniture now, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years. Wicker chairs and tables seem to be fragile. Actually, they can sustain loading 500 kg. In fact, the rattan is wood. And any wooden product is very “sensitively” reacts to humidity, high and low temperatures.

A rattan furniture is an exception. It can stay on a terrace, even if it is going to rain. Nothing happens with rattan furniture, when it is left in not heated house for a whole winter. Table and chairs from rattan will perfectly fit into any interior, having decorated it and make more unique.