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It is always possible to establish in kitchen a small, graceful and beautiful little table in such places and by such ways you even didn’t think about.

The kitchen table-shelf is such table, which is similar to a bar counter and perfectly fits into kitchen interior. If kitchen is absolutely narrow, longer part of a table should be fixed along a wall. The convenient folding table for a kitchen consists of folding table-top and special fixture, or a prop, where the table cover will lay down. At any time table-top simply leans back to a wall, and kitchen becomes more spacious.

The table-cupboard by look reminds very much a bar counter. Such table has some advantages – can be used for storage of various things, as a working surface and directly as a table. Dining little table can become continuation of kitchen furniture. Usually the table-top comes to the end level with a sidewall of a floor cabinet, but if to make a table-top longer, it can become a little table.

Incredibly convenient in use can be a table, one part of which is movably fixed, and the support on other side is put on wheels. At any time it is possible to change position of such table and it will disturb nobody. One more option of an unusual mini-table is table-window sill. It is variation of the subject “table-shelf”. Only part of a table-top will be window sill, which needs to be increased to the necessary size.