How to make and arrange the interior of the dining room.

dining room design tips

dining room design tips

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Dining room, is it a separate area or separate room, occupies a certain niche in the design of every residential interior, so the dining room design is so necessary for the modern home.

Dining room as separate room. The modern design of the dining room often departs from the classical canons – now in dining room also you can put a sitting area with soft sofa and couple of armchairs, so after finish the meal, guests can continue the conversation with glass of cognac. Often in the interior of the dining room fits the fireplace area. This dining room interior is possible if you have sufficient area of the apartment, or if you are the owner of multi-level apartment or cottage.

It is a long tradition to separate the kitchen and dining room as official and ceremonial areas, but their borders are becoming thinner and more transparent, and sometimes even disappear as the space and sizes of the kitchen usual modern apartments not allow them to separate from each other. Today design of dining room and kitchen area performs the dual function, as in this place the food is not only prepared and stored, but used also. It explains the placement of kitchen items and equipment. And modern apartments with open design provide the owners of apartments and designers full breadth of scope and variety of space planning. The interior of the dining room becomes bolder with every year and further departs from the norm.

Departing of two functionally different areas (kitchen and dining room) is necessary. The border between zones can be distinguished by the difference of level of floor (podiums) with help of ceilings, arched openings, acting designs, columns. It is best to use in two different areas of different floor covering: tile in the kitchen and the parquet in the dining room. Each of the zones must be inherent in an individual color composition.